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Portable Restroom Rentals


       Construction - Cleaned and disinfected weekly and sprayed for spider control


       Special Event Units - Newest in the fleet, have never been on construction sites


       Summer Rentals - For Summer homes, pools or recreational areas



Holding Tanks


275 & 300 gallons tanks - 30 day rental w/ additional charge for removal & disposal



Pump Outs


       Removal of waste from boats, RVs and Campers



Trudy's serves all of Gloucester and Mathews counties and portions of Middlesex, Lancaster and King & Queen counties.


Please call to see if we serve your specific location!

Achilles, Ark, Bellamy, Bena, Blakes, Bohannon, Cardinal, Christ Church, Church View, Cobbs Creek, Coke, Cologne, Deltaville, Diggs, Dutton, Foster, Glass, Gloucester, Gloucester Courthouse, Gloucester Point, Grimstead, Gwynn, Gwynn's Island, Hallieford, Hardyville, Hartfield, Hayes, Hudgins, Irvington, James Store, Kilmarnock, King and Queen, Lancaster, Locust Hill, Maryus, Mascot, Mathews, Middlesex, Moon, Naxera, New Point, North, Onemo, Ordinary, Plain View, Port Haywood, Redart, Remlik, Saluda, Schley, Severn, Shacklefords, Shadow, Susan, Syringa, Topping, Urbanna, Wake, Ware Neck, Warner, Weems, Wicomico, White Marsh, White Stone, Woods Cross Roads, Zanoni

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